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It is rare to have a combination of being technically knowledgeable and also patient, a clear communicator, and sincerely interested in helping me...

Louise Vesper
  • Get Dictation Done Faster with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
  • SpeechExec Workflow
  • Dictate, Dock it, and let the software do the rest
  • Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

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Why choose Zephyr-TEC?

Zephyr-TEC, a Nuance® certified Gold Dragon Partner since 1993, has the most Nuance certified technical and training staff than any other Dragon partner, with over 150 years of combined Dragon experience!

20 Years of Excellent Service

As a Nuance certified Gold Dragon Partner, our staff has the resources to assist you with installation, customization, training and support to match your current work flow and maximize your ROI.

WinScribe Dictation and Transcription Software

Digital Dictation & Software Transcription Power

Winscribe's digital dictation systems will empower your organization to take control of your dictation -- whether your dictation is digital now or you need to convert to digital dictation.

WinScribe's secure and scalable digital dictation network enterprise solution will track and record a user's dictation from the moment it is recorded to the moment it is transcribed-- either by dictation software or by a person.


Dragon Medical Clinic 360 | Transcription

This is the first on-demand, outsourced transcription solution designed specifically for specialty practices and clinics. The all inclusive service integrates with existing clinical documentation templates and practice workflows to increase physician productivity and EMR adoption.

  • Mobility
  • Cost Savings
  • Integration