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  • Callifornia Orthopaedic Association Conference, May 19-22, 2016
    Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, CA
    "Clinical Documentation: Talking Your Way to Increased Efficiency" presented by Renee Griffith, CEO - The Dragon Lady
    Come see ZTEC at the COA in Booth #54
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"Zephyr-TEC trained me to use voice recognition software. My trainer was very knowledgeable, patient, flexible and willing to adapt my busy s...

Melissa Bachrach

Who Are We?

Originally founded in 1993, Zephyr TEC has become a leader in speech recognition software and digital dictation implementation, training, and support. Our mission is to assist our clients to be successful in using speech recognition software in their workplace for increased productivity, loss prevention and to return-to-work. With digital dictation software, we can help you install, configure, and then train your users for maximal efficiency and productivity. Read More »

Why Choose Us?

We use our products every day to do our job! Zephyr-TEC’s professional trainers and programmers will teach you the commands, dictation style and software tricks to get the best results with speech software. Our program coordinators work with you to assess your needs, develop the right training program for you and follow your progress throughout your training. Our technical support will help solve problems as they arise. Read More »

When Do You Need Us?

Anytime you think, "This could be done faster by voice!" If you are planning to automate transcription or increase productivity of workflow and documentation call us, we may have surprising solutions. If you experience pain with typing, you definitely need us. Our training programs will help you do your job pain free! Read More »

Digital Dictation & Software Transcription Power

Winscribe's digital dictation systems will empower your organization to take control of your dictation -- whether your dictation is digital now or you need to convert to digital dictation.

Winscribe's secure and scalable digital dictation network enterprise solution will track and record a user's dictation from the moment it is recorded to the moment it is transcribed-- either by dictation software or by a person.

Winscribe's reporting and document management solutions combine the latest Microsoft speech technology with customer friendly workflow software to deliver an extremely cost-effective documentation system. The result: physician satisfaction, data quality, and full realization of EHR benefits.

  • SpeechExec Workflow
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
  • Get Dictation Done Anywhere with SayIt

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