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1/26/2012, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
The Magic of SpeechFlow
1/31/2012, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Digital Dictation for Financial Professionals
2/15/2012, 1:30 PM PDT: Click to Register
Introducing Dragon Medical Practice Edition
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Speech to Text Anywhere

SpeechExec Workflow Solutions to Streamline Document Creation

While dictating directly to your PC, tablet or laptop with Dragon NaturallySpeaking will improve productivity, particularly in the creation of e-mail and text documents, a combined Digital Workflow Solution can offer much greater flexibility.

Many people are "on the go" for some part of their busy day. Digital Workflow Solutions using digital recording devices and Philips SpeechExec in combination with Dragon offer additional options for capturing dictation when you are not sitting in front of your PC or laptop.

Additionally, the entire process of routing the dictation to a secretary or transcriptionist for typing, correction and completion can be streamlined saving time and money!

Digital Recorder, SpeechExec/Dragon Transcription & Self Correction

  • The Author dictates to a digital recorder.
  • The recorder is docked in its cradle attached to the PC.
  • The files are automatically download to the PC via SpeechExecSR Dictate software and will run through Dragon on the PC. Transcription takes place in a batch process and in the background on the Author PC.
  • The Author accesses the document through the SpeechExecSR Dictate software, and makes corrections (corrections will be adapted to the Authors profile to continually improve accuracy and recognition).

Digital Recorder, SpeechExec/Dragon Transcription & Correction by Secretary or Transcriptionist

  • The Author dictates to a digital recorder.
  • The recorder is docked in its cradle attached to the PC.
  • The files are automatically download to the PC via SpeechExecSR Dictate software and will run through Dragon on the PC. Transcription takes place in a batch process and in the background on the Author PC.
  • The secretary or transcriptionist is notified that a job is available via the SpeechExecSR Transcribe interface.
  • They access the document and make corrections (corrections will be adapted to the Authors profile to continually improve accuracy and recognition).

Blackberry, iPhone or iPad & SpeechExec (ASP Model)

These exciting new interfaces for the BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad are designed for capturing mobile dictation and this type of workflow is revolutionizing how people work! This is an annual subscription service, so you have no servers or networking requirements.

  • The Author dictates to the Philips SpeechExec interface on their mobile device.
  • The finished dictation will automatically be e-mailed to the secretary or transcriptionist for completion.

You can also have this mobile dictation run through Dragon on the secretary's or transcriptionist's PC through the SpeechExecSR Transcribe interface. Once Dragon has finished transcribing the dictation, the secretary or transcriptionist will review the document, correct any mistakes and finalize the document.

Using SpeechExecSR Dictate software in combination with a digital device along with Dragon, allows the user to take full advantage of a Digital Workflow Solution, no matter where they are!

Zephyr-TEC experts are available to assist you with building your personalized solution. Please call us today at 877-493-7497 and let us help you "Harness the Power of Speech™".

Call Now - 1-877-493-7497


Buddy Desktop Mini Microphone

Small space? Small Desktop Mic!

Finally, a high performance desktop microphone at an affordable price. Free yourself from bulky drivers and software with this revolutionary plug & play device. The Buddy DesktopMini 7G is setting new standards for voice capture technology.

Featuring InSync Speech's revolutionary FilteredAudio noise filtering technology, this compact desktop microphone is perfectly suited for use with speech recognition applications. Best of all, this technology is packed into a small, stylish form factor.

Renee Griffith, CEO and Founder of Zephyr-TEC, says "I really like the DesktopMini microphone. Before Zephyr-TEC is allowed to sell a particular microphone, I personally test it to make sure it meets our standards. My recognition has been outstanding with the DesktopMini. While I was recently traveling, I took along the DesktopMini. It is lightweight, compact and the base does not take up much space. I will be taking my DesktopMini with me and my future travels!" So if you're on the move or desk space is at a premium, the DesktopMini can fit the bill.

Along with using it to dictate to Dragon, it's also great for:

  • VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Talk
  • Home recordings for YouTube or Vimeo
  • Online meetings and webinars

Additional features of the Buddy DesktopMini include:

  • High quality, unidirectional microphone
  • Flexible 9 inch gooseneck for easy positioning
  • USB plug & play interface
  • Portable hands-free solution
  • FilteredAudio technology for the ability to record in deafening noise conditions
  • Backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Built-in state of the art sound card for crystal clear voice capture
  • Fully programmable button can simulate keyboard, mouse or Dragon voice commands
  • Cross compatibility means you can use this mic across multiple USB devices
  • Quality materials means this microphone is built to last

The cost is just $69.99 and you can order here from our webstore.

Don't forget, we also carry the Buddy DesktopMic 7G, the "bigger brother" to the DesktopMini. This is a 18 inch long gooseneck microphone with a heavy weighted base (approximately 3 in. wide). We highly recommend this for office applications, pathology or anyone who wants to dictate hands-free in a quiet environment.


Philips Products for Rent

If Money Can't Buy Happiness, I Guess I'll Have to Rent It!

We're proud to announce that Zephyr-TEC is part of Philips new rental programs. This includes the ability to rent products that capture voice, process voice, and transcribe.

This means that rather than having a big up-front expenditure to get started with a digital dictation system, you can spread that cost out over the course of time. And you aren't stuck to only one type of (potentially) outdated technology - when your rental agreement ends, you can simply start a new agreement with a new piece of equipment.

Now, of course, like any rental agreement, there are a few provisos and limitations. The biggest restriction is that you must have at least five (5) users, and the minimum rental agreement must be for 24 months. And this is a pure rental agreement, not a "rent-to-own" agreement - you must return the hardware at the end of the agreement. With software, the licenses would become invalid and you would no longer be able to use the software. On the other hand, once the 24 month limit has passed, you can renew the contract for as long as you want.

Here's a brief table for some of the Philips devices, along with rental costs:

Device Rental Cost per Month
Philips DPM 9600 Recorder (includes SpeechExec software) $19.99/month
SpeechMike III (Push Button) with SpeechExec Pro Dictate $15.99/month
SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set  $13.99/month
ASP Solution for BlackBerry and/or iPhone workflow $7.99/month

Zephyr-TEC would be the first to tell you that the most important part of the success of any system is the training and support, and unfortunately, our costs for those haven't changed. But this new program would let you spread the costs for the hardware over time - for a firm of 2 lawyers and 3 secretaries, you might be paying $100/month rather than a $2500 up front bill. It also then comes from your operational budget rather than your capital budget, which can be important.

If this sounds interesting to you, then give us a call, and we'll give you all the details you need to know.



Renee on the Radio

Hello, hello… Is this thing on?



On Thursday, January 12, Zephyr-TEC's President and CEO Renee Griffith appeared on Entrepreneur Radio with Alfreda B., which is sponsored by Let Us Talk Wealth (LUTW), a live daily call-in radio show.

Entrepreneur Radio with Alfreda B. is hosted by Alfreda Bradford. Alfreda is the founder and CEO of Let Us Talk Wealth, LLC-a business development consulting company which focuses on branding the entrepreneur. She is also an inspired writer, authoring three books: "The Good Things in Life, She Was Me", an autobiography and the soon to be released, "From Poverty to Prosperity."

Entrepreneur Radio with Alfreda B. invites new and seasoned entrepreneurs to share their knowledge with the audience in order to stimulate listeners to launch their own businesses or grow existing companies.

Over the course of the hour long discussion, Renee shares her personal journey, outlining the trials and rewards of starting Zephyr-TEC-originally created as an accounting business through a self-employment Workers Compensation plan-through its metamorphosis to the Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation training and consulting business of today.

The ensuing discussion is inspirational to injured workers trying to reenter the workplace, women in business or anyone trying to launch their company from the ground up.

In answer to Alfreda's question, "How would you define an entrepreneur?" Renee answers, "An entrepreneur has the get up and go to get up and do it."

So, whether you're a budding CEO, a Dragon user or someone who likes Talk Radio, be sure to listen to the recorded broadcast right here.



Tech Tools & Tips
Dictate into Your Handheld Recording Device
Have Dragon Transcribe into the Window of Your Choice

Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Premium and higher) has the ability to transcribe audio files from handheld recording devices.
Supported audio file formats - .WAV; .WMA; .MP3; .DSS; .DS2

The default transcription window is NaturallySpeaking's DragonPad. Other windows, such as Microsoft Word, can be selected to accept transcription.

To begin, make sure the window you want to transcribe into is open. Plug the recording device into the computer. Download and save your audio files. Turn on the Extras toolbar from the DragonBar (click the icon at the end of the DragonBar to see the Extras toolbar).

On the Extras toolbar, click: Transcribe

In the Transcribe dialog box, click: Let me choose the window. Then click: Next.

Click: Browse to locate file. Select the downloaded recording. Then click: Transcribe

Dragon will prompt you that transcription will begin when you click into another application window.

NOTE: The screenshots above are for Dragon Version 11. Earlier versions of Dragon also support transcription into an alternate window by clicking: Options from the transcription window and choosing: A selected window.


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