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Use your voice, and end the pain of typing

Computers are fundamental part of most career choices these days.  But how can a person with physical limitations use one?  Whether it’s repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel, physical injuries that limit typing, diseases like multiple sclerosis, or even learning disabilities like dyslexia, we can show you how to use a computer with your voice.  By taking away the mechanical aspects of keyboarding, users are able to perform tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming or impossible.

Zephyr-TEC has been training people with typing limitations how to use computers by voice since 1993. This training enables our clients to perform or return to their chosen professions using speech recognition software to control their computers by voice.

Zephyr-TEC’s assistive technology solutions include:


  • Provides accessibility for people with physical disabilities that making typing difficult or impossible
  • Helps users with language-based learning disabilities better express themselves in writing
  • Prevents repetitive stress injuries by enabling hands-free PC use
  • Keeps workers with certain injuries on the job         
  • Accommodates many users with speech impairments or pronunciation issues

Case Studies

Zephyr-TEC's Expertise

We have a variety of training courses available to accommodate different goals. Zephyr-TEC's classes instruct you how to use the Microsoft Office applications with speech recognition software. Combine your existing skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer and PowerPoint with speech recognition software and minimize the use of the keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, if you already have basic computer skills, we can give you an introduction to using your computer by voice – the skills you need to work without extensive hand use.

If you’re a vocational counselor, we’re more than happy to talk to you about what your clients need.  We can create a custom training plan to fulfill their needs – so they get the skills they need to be competitive.

Programs Offered - Mix and Match to Learn What You Need

Basic knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office is required to enroll in our classes. These instructor-led classes are offered at your site on your computer, as well as over the Internet via eLearnSpeech™. This curriculum is designed to instruct users how to perform tasks in Microsoft Office with Dragon speech recognition software. Students can chose the classes that best meet their needs or they can take all the classes offered for maximum benefit.

eLearnSpeech™ Online Training -- One-on-One live training over the internet for intermediate or advanced computer users

Our classes are also available LIVE, over the Internet, using desktop sharing technology. Students must own adequate computer equipment, have a high-speed Internet connection and a speaker phone (or purchase a telephone/computer switchbox). The advantage of eLearnSpeech™ training is that it is taught in 2-hour sessions, 3-4 times per week and there's no travel involved! It's easy to fit these training programs into a busy lifestyle.

ZTEC Learning Guides and Macros Make the Difference!

Developed by Zephyr-TEC, our proprietary Learning Guides combine the use of Dragon with MS Office applications and include easy-to-understand instructions and exercises that follow coursework. Learning Guides include our custom Dragon macro sets for Windows and MS Office as well as a Quick Reference Guide for each macro set. We currently have books (with commands) for Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel in Office 2007, 2010, and Office 2013.

Complete this FREE evaluation form. Zephyr-TEC will evaluate how feasible it would be for your office to work smarter and faster by voice.

View the complete training catalog, including a listing of eLearnSpeech training courses.

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