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Return to work faster, with speech recognition and "hands-free" training

Has new ergonomic equipment yielded only marginal results? Are your employees still going off work for weeks or months at a time? Paying disability to current employees with hand injuries? Cut down on the costs of training by keeping your existing employees at work – and we can show you how!

Each year, millions of workers can find themselves facing the effects of repetitive stress injury (RSI), and studies suggest the yearly cost of RSI can be between $17 billion and $20 billion. The near constant use of a mouse and keyboard, coupled with sitting at a desk in sometimes awkward and uncomfortable positions puts stress on our hands, wrists, neck, and back. The result: things that others take for granted, such as typing up a report or sending an email, become impossible for those suffering from accessibility issues. Speech recognition can help professionals not only relieve the pain of RSI, but also prevent it in the first place and help professionals remain productive without pain or frustration.

Widely regarded as a tool for simplifying time-consuming documentation and reporting processes, speech recognition boasts many other benefits for professionals. For some injured workers, the only way to reduce keyboarding and mousing is to implement speech recognition software such as Dragon. Talking to a computer for tasks like e-mail, letter writing, data entry and report generation can markedly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Workers who are currently in pain may feel much better at the end of the day –and are just as productive!

Potential Benefits:

  • Provides accessibility for people with physical disabilities that making typing difficult
  • Prevents repetitive stress injuries by enabling hands-free PC use
  • Keeps workers on the job
  • Helps organizations meet disability management needs because it’s Section 508 certified*

*Do note that only Dragon Professional is Section 508 certified – it is the only appropriate version for workplace implementation.

Zephyr-TEC’s return-to-work solutions include:

Learn how Dragon & Zephyr-TEC's Training Enabled a Recruiter at an International Biotechnology Company to Return to Work

Beth is a recruiter for an internationally known biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, where she has worked for over twenty years. Approximately 15 months ago, Beth started experiencing numbness in her feet which eventually spread throughout her body and affecting both of her hands.

Fortunately, Beth’s company has a Return to Work (RTW) program and specialists who offer professional grade technology solutions and services to help their injured and disabled staff members get back to work. Her counselor immediately suggested Dragon Speech Recognition. The RTW specialist also recommended professional training. As an outsourced training provider for Beth’s employer, Zephyr-TEC Corp. had trained and worked with other employees at her company, who were located in offices across the country.

Following the implementation of Dragon Speech Recognition and Zephyr-TEC’s one-on-one training, Beth was able to successfully overcome many of the unfortunate effects of her affliction and return to work.

“I honestly feel that I am able to work more productively in all of my work applications because of Dragon and the training I received from Zephyr-TEC. If I was only working within email, I probably would’ve been able to click where I wanted words to go and speak to use Dragon on its own, but because I use so many applications, there would be no way I would ever be successful at using Dragon without the training.” ~ Beth, Recruiter

Download Case Study

Zephyr-TEC Expertise

Zephyr-TEC offers a variety of effective solutions for customizing speech recognition software to the end-user’s daily computer usage. We offfer a variety of learning guides and training courses to accommodate different goals, such as Zephyr-TEC's classes which instruct clients how to use Microsoft Office applications with speech recognition software. This training enables our clients to perform or return to their chosen professions using speech recognition software to control their computers by voice. We can also perform pilot studies at your location to fit a solution to your particular job needs; please contact us for more details.

Since 1993, Zephyr-TEC has been training individuals to do their jobs by voice.  We began with a vision of helping people who suffered from RSI to return to their normal careers and do their jobs as “hands-free” as possible. Plenty of things have changed over the last 26 years, but our commitment to getting people back to work has never wavered.

What's Next?

So how do you proceed to figure out what’s needed for your particular situation?  You can start by completing a FREE Evaluation Form. After completing the form, we will be able to answer questions like:

  • How well will Dragon run on the current computer system?
  • How effectively will work with the software applications I use?
  • What version of will best accommodate my needs?
  • How much training is recommended for best results?
  • How much can I expect my keyboarding and mousing to be decreased with speech recognition software?
  • What accessories, if any, might I want to consider?
  • How much will all this cost?
  • How quickly could I get trained and up to speed with speech software?

Once you have completed the Evaluation Form, we will respond to you either by phone or e-mail with our FREE evaluation of how effectively speech recognition software will work for you. If we need more information, we will contact you directly. If we feel further testing will be necessary (especially with proprietary software) we will let you know what it would cost to get a final answer.

Not sure whether speech software will run with your software? Consider having Zephyr-TEC do a Speech Feasibility Study

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