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Public Safety

Over the years, documentation requirements have increased dramatically for first responders. That means more typing. But the need for timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy hasn't changed. Zephyr-TEC's solutions bring the power of automation to creating reports, documents, forms and emails. Whether at the desktop or on the road, first responders can use voice dictation to speed through the paperwork.

Faster Documentation

Zephyr-TEC's solutions deliver a faster, easier way to complete documentation. By creating documents electronically as you speak, Dragon can reduce the time spent on paperwork by more than 50%. Remote solutions like SpeechExec allow a first responder to create documents on location, with a portable device like a recorder or smartphone.

Cost Effective

Leaders of public safety organizations are under pressure to cut costs while reducing crime rates. Speech recognition can make a police force more effective by decreasing the amount of time typing up paperwork and reports that otherwise take them away from their patrols. You hired police officers, not typists. "I'm able to do the job essentially of two or three officers, because I'm not tied up doing paperwork at a police department." Officer Gary Bonzo, Clearwater Police Department.

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Targeted at your needs

Zephyr-TEC's solutions can be adapted to almost any Windows-based application system – and we're experts at doing so. Whether it's custom command sets for stock texts and standard queries, or building a vocabulary of your unique terms and acronyms for all the users, we can do that.

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Dragon is simply the best, most customizable speech recognition platform available. Speed through reports, queries, and research by using your voice – save time and get back to doing the heart of your job. With our experience and solutions, we can make it happen with Dragon for you and your department.

Zephyr-TEC Expertise

Zephyr-TEC, a reseller of speech recognition software for over 20 years, has the expertise to ensure that you and your department will be successful with speech recognition. Zephyr-TEC is able to provide setup and implementation services, training, and technical support for many different dictation solutions as well as peripherals such as digital voice recorders, smartphone apps, and a wide variety of microphones. Learn more about us here.

SpeechExec Workflow Solutions

SpeechExec, a voice productivity and digital workflow software solution from Speech Processing Solutions (Philips), offers the busy fireman or officer the mobility and flexibility to document their patient encounters wherever they are, using just about any device! You can use a recorder, smartphone, or computer to dictate, and the results are automatically processed through Dragon. Find out more here.

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