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"Zephyr-TEC trained me to use voice recognition software. My trainer was very knowledgeable, patient, flexible and willing to adapt my busy schedule. Dragon Naturally Speaking has become very useful to me in my daily work. I really appreciate all the help that the Zephyr-TEC staff provided."

Melissa Bachrach

"I am so pleased with the excellent training I received from Zephyr-TEC. I thought with my accent it would never work effectively for me. But just as the trainer said, the more I work with it, the better it learns my voice."

Nahida Lebbos, Physical Therapist

"Zephyr-Tec has been an instrumental part of allowing me to return to work safely. Training from Zephyr-Tec allowed me to write macros for logging into my e-mail and WorldCom Intranet so I can sign and send e-mail by voice."

Pierson Bourquin, Data Specialist, WorldCom

"I use NaturallySpeaking most frequently for Word, e-mailing and Internet searches. I found my Zephyr-TEC trainer to be very knowledgeable, patient and able to individualize the training to fit with my level of computer skills."

Marion Milovich, Teacher

"I would like to comment that the training experience with Page worked very well. The combination of using WebEx and the telephone worked very well. Page's instructions were clear and easy to follow, and being able to pass control back and forth made some of the more complex actions more easy-to-follow. I would recommend this training approach and this class as I think I gained a lot of skill from it."

John Hanlon

"Thank you thank you thank you for sending me Page. My life had ground to a screeching halt before she helped set everything straight."

Loolwa Khazzoom

Chris did a great job on the training.  I can't remember the last time I was this happy with a combination of software, documentation, and support.

Linda Seekins

It is rare to have a combination of being technically knowledgeable and also patient, a clear communicator, and sincerely interested in helping me succeed.

Louise Vesper

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for your support, advice and assistance with my new voice recognition software.  The training was great and the learning guides are extremely helpful.  More than anything it is great to be connected with a group of people who understand how challenging it is to "learn this new language."

Anne Purdy

Just a quick note on my session with John Collier...I'm a happy Dragon!

Dr. Richard Luros

I wanted to offer my compliments on Marc. He was very patient, kind and knowledgeable on Dragon and he kept the mood very light/funny . I so very much appreciate his help and training!

Farah Feizollahi

I'd give you a kidney for what you guys did to help me! I've been meaning to check in anyway to say thanks. My charting speed has quintupled; I have no backlog and most days I leave with all the notes done.

Dr. Richard Loftus