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Zephyr-TEC Evaluation Services

You may be asking yourself…

  • Will Dragon work for me?
  • Which software is right for me?
  • Will my existing system be adequate to run the new software?
  • Will I need accessories, training, customization?

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Speech Feasibility Study
Limited Speech Feasibility Study

Zephyr-TEC evaluation services can answer these questions for you.

Zephyr-TEC performs on-site and online system evaluations to determine the best way to implement and integrate speech recognition and/or digital dictation software.

Dragon® Speech Feasibility Study

The most effective way to determine if Dragon will integrate with proprietary applications or mainframe environments is to perform a Speech Feasibility Study.

Zephyr-TEC will evaluate your computer hardware, applications and workflow in order to determine the compatibility and viability of using Dragon speech recognition software with proprietary applications.

This can be done on-site or remotely - via WebEx and the telephone - with the assistance of local IT staff.

Once completed, we provide a detailed written report of our findings along with our recommendations. These recommendations will include computer specifications, edition of Dragon, peripherals, installation, integration, training and support.

What’s Included?                 

  • An analysis of the computer, network, custom software or mainframe applications to be used with speech
  • Set up and testing of speech recognition software
  • Testing of speech recognition software with MS Word, Excel and Outlook (if applicable) and up to 4 additional applications
  • Interviews with the users of the system  (if available)
  • Comprehensive written report recommending software, accessories, integration, training and support
  • Recommendations for computer and software upgrades
  • Estimated productivity and reduction of keyboarding/mousing
  • Honest analysis regarding the compatibility and effectiveness of Dragon with your workflow and software

Try Before You Buy - with Zephyr-TEC feasibility studies

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Remote Desktop Feasibility Study

Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) is widely acknowledged to be a great tool for helping doctors and medical professionals achieve good productivity when used for direct dictation into the EHR, EMR or Word.

But if you access your EMR via Remote Desktop (RDP) Dragon can have issues with one or more of the following:

  • Spacing and capitalization
  • No Selecting or Correction capability (without Dictation Box)
  • SmartText (text macros) and Command Macros do not work
  • Jumping cursor, inconsistent or inexplicable behavior
  • “Ghost” text – text that just seems to paste into a text field

Fortunately, Zephyr-TEC’s Remote Desktop Feasibility Study allows for Dragon to be installed and tested on your Remote Desktop configuration.

What’s Included?

  • Online assistance with proper setup, configuration and testing of Dragon on the Terminal Server where the executable for the EMR resides
  • Testing of Dragon with the EMR via RDP to determine what level of functionality can be achieved in the EMR with Dragon
  • Verbal report of our findings
  • Estimated go forward costs if test is deemed successful
  • Honest analysis regarding the compatibility and effectiveness of Dragon with your EMR
  • (2) USB headset/microphones for testing (not returnable once used)   

Dragon Medical Voice Trial

What if you’re just not convinced Dragon will be effective for you?

  • Maybe you’ve heard speech recognition doesn’t work
  • Maybe you have an accent or thick regional dialect
  • Maybe you don’t know if you’ll feel comfortable dictating to the computer

No worries. With Zephyr-TEC’s Dragon Medical Voice Trial you can remotely log into our system and try Dragon for yourself!

The whole process will take about an hour - some setup, then about 30 minutes of actually working with the software. Everything but the actual dictating can be done by your office personnel working with Zephyr-TEC…

What’s Included?

  • Zephyr-TEC personnel will remotely assist you or your IT personnel with installing the needed files and updates for Dragon Client for Remote Desktop
  • Zephyr-TEC personnel will remotely configure the Remote Desktop audio settings
  • You will be taken through quickly creating a profile
  • You will be allowed to practice dictating
  • At the end of the evaluation, all files will be removed and your computer will be restored to its previous state.

Zephyr-TEC Expertise

As consultants, Zephyr-TEC will analyze your work systems, software, and objectives in order to recommend the best products for the customized solution you require.

Industry Experts
As experts in the integration of speech recognition and digital dictation software, Zephyr-TEC remains abreast of the latest advancements in the industry. We maintain a direct line with product developers and have insider access to the best technical support and product development information.

Software Providers
As speech recognition and digital dictation software providers, we can offer you competitive prices for the most exciting new software products and accessories. We have developed close relationships with the software developers and distributors, guaranteeing our clients get speedy turnaround times and excellent customer service.

Users and Integrators
As seasoned users of speech recognition and digital dictation software, our expert staff of trainers have tested and customized the software in the most complex platforms. We develop our own training materials that are used by many resellers of Dragon.

Interested in implementing speech recognition into your office?

Contact us today for your free presentation or to request a customized quotation!