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Zephyr-TEC Training

Whether you are a new Dragon® user or have been using speech software for some time, it’s likely you or the Dragon users in your organization can benefit from training.

Purchase 2 hours of custom, one-on-one training NOW!

At Zephyr-TEC, we frequently find speech recognition users who are making use of only a small part of the amazing abilities in Dragon.

Often, this is because they are self-taught. They become frustrated with accuracy, put the software back on the shelf and never unlock the productivity benefits of Dragon or realize the return on their investment.

Zephyr-TEC’s trainers - all Nuance Certified - are ready to transform your Dragon performance and capabilities. You will climb the learning curve much faster, benefiting from power tips and methods that you may never discover in self learning. Training will be tailored to your job and your applications.

  • Whiz through e-mail at 100 words per minute
  • Use verbal shortcuts to fill out templated forms
  • With your trainer, create custom Dragon commands to automate your tasks
  • Double your production in half the time

Zephyr-TEC offers group or one-on-one, on-site training as well as instructor led online training.

Fastrack, On-Site Group Training

Fastrack Group training classes are designed for larger companies and organizations. This training is conducted at your site. Custom curriculum, Dragon commands and vocabulary can be developed for your organization’s needs.

You will need to provide adequate facilities and hardware. These training classes are designed for intermediate or advanced computer users.

One-On-One, On-Site Training

One-on-one training, offered onsite at your location, is designed to assist you with specific issues you may have when attempting to use Dragon on your own personal computer.

The advantage of one-on-one training is that the Zephyr-TEC instructor can customize the curriculum to your needs, teaching to your level of computer proficiency.

One-on-one integration training is especially important after attending group training, as it will assist you to apply what you have learned in class to your own day-to-day needs


When taking traditional online courses, do you miss the benefits of being in a classroom such as live instruction and hands-on exercises?  With Zephyr-TEC eLearnSpeech training you don't have to.

Zephyr-TEC offers our most popular courses in an Instructor-led Online (ILO) delivery format called eLearnSpeech. This means you’ll get the benefits of being in a classroom with the convenience and cost savings of online training.

Since 2001, people from literally all over the world have attended Zephyr-TEC's eLearnSpeech training while at their workplace or homes.

How eLearnSpeech Training Works

  • One-on-one classes are taught by a live instructor on the specific dates and times you will arrange directly with your instructor. Nothing could be more convenient to fit your needs and your schedule.
  • You’ll receive the course materials in advance. Course materials can include Zephyr-TEC’s custom learning guides created by our own speech recognition expert technical writers and productivity commands (macros) to further increase Dragon usability.
  • On the day of the class, you’ll receive a phone call from your Zephyr-TEC instructor who will guide you to the website for your online meeting. All you need is a broadband Internet and a telephone connection to participate. This allows you to connect to a virtual classroom where you can interact directly with the instructor to ask questions or clarify the material - just as you would in a physical classroom.
  • You’ll work on your own computer in your own software applications. As you work through exercises in the manuals or through your job duties, the instructor can provide guidance, address questions or issues and even create custom Dragon commands for your specific needs.

Zephyr-TEC Learning Guides and Macros

Developed by Zephyr-TEC, our proprietary Learning Guides combine the use of Dragon with MS Office applications and include easy to understand instructions and exercises that follow coursework.

Learning Guides include our custom Dragon macro sets for Windows and MS Office as well as a Quick Reference Guide for each macro set.

We have training to suit your needs!

View the complete Zephyr-TEC Training Catalog or Contact us today for your free presentation or to request a customized quotation!


"In my first month using Dragon Naturally Speaking my speed and efficiency increased by 300 percent allowing me to input text well in excess of 100 wpm. Learning to use the program on my own would have taken forever. The staff at Zephyr-TEC made learning the program easy and offered numerous tips to improve the software's performance. The macros offered by Zephyr-TEC saved me hours of time I would have spent attempting to create them on own. To make Dragon Naturally Speaking really work for you requires training and Zephyr-TEC delivers the highest quality training available anywhere."

— Duane M. French, Director - Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

"My name is Bonnie Chilson; I live in Alaska and have recently become disabled and unable to pursue my former career. When I first became disabled and found out that it was permanent I decided I would retrain in a career that my disability would allow. With the help of my vocational rehab counselor, I was going to retrain to be a receptionist/secretary. Due to my disability, I was unable to type. Vocational rehab purchased the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program and online training from Zephyr-TEC.

My instructor was excellent and the Internet training went well. I enjoyed the eLearnSpeech program so much that I requested information on becoming a Zephyr-TEC instructor!

I believe speech recognition software was one of the most important and useful tools that our generation has produced. I believe in the future its use will be more widespread. It is not only for those with disabilities but also for those who need to be more productive on the computer."

— Bonnie Chilson - Alaska DVR client

"My job involves keyboarding all day. During the course of my employment I developed bilateral Carpal Tunnel requiring surgery. I was advised by my doctor that my Carpal Tunnel symptoms would worsened if I continued doing the amount of keyboarding that my job required. He recommended I be provided with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program. 

After I was provided with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program and the outstanding online training that was provided by Zephyr-TEC trainers, I have been able to use this program to remain in my position and continue to do the work that I enjoy. Thanks to the availability of the program, I can remain employed for many more years without the chance of causing further damage to my hands."

— O.E.-Government Employee

“I have been working in Human Resources for almost 15 years now.  My job requires a tremendous amount of typing and mouse usage.  It didn't bother me as much when I was in my 20s and early 30s.  Also my current employer has always been very conscientious about ergonomic safety and made sure all of the employees are provided with the best ergonomic equipment.

My company purchased 18 hours of training with Zephyr-TEC and although I still have more to learn, I am able to use the computer without my hands and arms 90% of the time.

My arms no longer hurt, I no longer feel nauseated at the end of the day and I just feel “normal” again.  Before using Dragon recognition software, the pain in my arms was also affecting my mood, where I felt depressed and was just barely “getting by” each day.  Now, I can focus on my work instead of the pain in my arms.”

— S.P.-Public Utilities Employee


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