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Winscribe Digital Dictation

A world-renowned voice and data management system that enables efficient dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes.


Powerful, Flexible & Cost-Effective

  • A powerful and flexible centralized dictation workflow system that can be used with an existing transcription system, word processing software, or other document management solution.
  • To support users generating significant volume of traditional dictation/transcription, as well as users adopting speech recognition with delegated editing.
  • Replacement of an aging voice system with a cost-effective next-generation solution.



System Highlights


  • Intelligent workflow removes manual processes to distribute dictation and transcription work most efficiently according to your organization's requirements

  • Flexible acquisition options: on premise licensing or cloud-based subscription, scalable from group practices to large hospitals.

  • Mobile speech productivity with the freedom to capture and deliver dictation immediately using iPhones, iPads, Windows smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android smartphones and tablets

  • Integration with EHR systems and third-party applications via HL7, XML or Web Services.

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting to analyze usage, productivity, and efficiency metrics.


Digital Dictation — Driving Productivity through Technology


The urgency to streamline clinical documentation has never been greater. Actively managing dictation and transcription is a must to speed report completion, capture timely information for medical action and analytics, and reduce unnecessary costs. Winscribe's high-efficiency workflow is summarized in the diagram below.


Easy to use or administer System


Transcription routing can be established by job priority, target time, personal queue, and/or shared queue


Centrally manage and control user roles, preferences and system access.



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