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Winscribe Mobile Speech Solutions

Whether you are a busy hospital, clinic, or private practice, you're looking at getting things done faster and easier – with the best possible output. The user-friendly interface and secure data transmission protect patient information, Winscribe MD allows healthcare professionals manage dictations, schedule patient appointments and access patient information, all while using their preferred mobile devices.



System Highlights


  • Full support for BYOD environments: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phones, along with tablets

  • Secure wireless transmission of voice files to Winscribe server. This configuration also permits real-time application updating.

  • Device application displays patient schedules, allows document creation through voice recording, and presents document for electronic signature

  • Integrates with Winscribe's software, EHR systems and other patient scheduling systems.

  • Specialized Winscribe MD app


Powerful & Intuitive Mobile Solutions for Healthcare



Enable physicians to quickly and easily document patient information from wherever they are, using their preferred devices.



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