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Winscribe Text

Winscribe Text is a healthcare documentation management system that integrates speech recognition with workflow management to optimize every step from report creation to distribution.

It takes cost and time out of the process while capturing both free-text narrative and voice-driven templates to generate robust patient information.



Making Documentation an Asset for Organizations


Meaningful documentation is essential to patient care and the running of a successful health care organization. Give providers the information they need to practice effectively and efficiently.

Yet, all too often, documentation is seen as a burden – something that takes time away from patient care rather than improving it.  Winscribe Text removes that burden by creating simple yet effective ways for practitioners to capture information in a natural way that allows them to focus on patients.


Winscribe Text Delivers:


  • Flexible options for documentation: self-edit or transcription assisted speech recognition, traditional dictation, speech recognition into an EHR, or transcription outsourcing
  • A complete environment with all the tools & workflow for each user contained within one system
  • Integration with and support for EHRs and other Heath Information Systems


System Highlights


  • End-to-end clinical documentation management from creation to completion to distribution

  • Light network and resource footprint with centralized management of user profiles, user preferences, and document templates.

  • Enterprise-level workflow built on the latest Microsoft speech recognition technology.

  • Integration into third-party applications via HL7, XML or Web Services

  • Flexible licensing options, including on premise hosting to cloud-based subscriptions. Options for group practices to large hospitals.

  • A complete range of mobile devices supported



Winscribe Text in Action

Winscribe Text manages all aspects of medical documentation and reporting,
organized in three functional areas: Document Creation,
Document Management and Document Distribution.




Sleek User Interface

The Winscribe Text user interface has been designed with the needs of users as a first priority. A modern, intuitive design that people enjoy using helps adoption and reduces fatigue with the system.



Centralized & Intelligent System Management


Administrators can quickly and easily manage users, templates, documents, site details, queues and typists from one central location.


Articles & Information

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